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9min   |   English |  Directed and Produced By Roderick Gadaev

Penalties marks Roderick's first professional narrative production, which gained him access to AFTRS where he earned his Bachelor of Arts: Screen Production. 

Penalties follows a forgotten criminal who has escaped prison to confront his police chief father. 


This project was crowdfunded, and extreme budget limitations were prevalent at every stage of production, however Roderick upheld the production quality regardless. The film went on to critical success measured through various international festival accolades and 2 international wins. 

DOP: Angelo Velardo 

Gaffer: Ben Brunnekreef 

Operator: James Morello 

Sound 1: Ashleigh Wadebrook Sound 2: Jacob Perrot

MUAH 1: Ela Campbell 

MUAH 2: Monica Canham 

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